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Designing your Custom Wares


Clay and glaze combinations reflect the best match between the clay body and the type of glaze used.  We are willing to work with you to get the perfect match for your needs.




  • We use a variety of glazes that include satin finish, soft gloss, or high gloss.

  • The sky is the limit in terms of color as we have conducted many glaze tests and have samples.


Although we use the following clay-glaze combinations, we are willing to work with you to design a specific line for your needs.


Overview of Policies for WHOLESALE Restaurant Ware and BOUTIQUE/SHOP Orders 


Please contact us for a copy of our Wholesale Pricing.  Once you select your items, we will work up the wholesale or custom order through our marketplace via protected link.

All functional items are designed to hold up to restaurant use and are microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


If you don’t see an item listed on our Wholesale Price Sheet, please ask—we are willing to make just about any type of functional ware for you.

For businesses:  We are also willing to work with you on an exclusive line!

Current Collaborators and Wholesale Customer Pages:
























Shops & Boutiques

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Clay Artists

Paul A. Craig

Dorothy Valcarcel Craig

The Studio Cottage

110 S. 16th Street
Nashville TN 37206

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