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...thinking of Maine!

It's only April and I am thinking of August! Each year we travel to Maine for a summer trip to get out of the sultry, southern heat. After several years, we have come to love the Camden area in midcoast. Camden is a fascinating town that brings to mind "all things New England."

We stay with Kristi and Jesse at the Camden Windward House B&B and always take a class (or two) at Salt Water Farm in Lincolnville--which is about a ten minute drive to Penobscot Bay.

My new wares reflect my days in Maine...seacoast colors, rocky coasts, calmness, and reminiscent of relaxing on the back porch, talks with Kristi and Jesse, and cooking and baking with Annemarie!

It is no wonder that the pieces are called Camden Harbor and Saltwater! ;-)

We have made the trip for over ten years...maybe someday we will live there year round...

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