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  • Dorothy V Craig

New Products at The Arts Company

Summer Triangle Pottery is back at The Arts Company! Our wares will be featured through January. We had lots of fun designing and creating comissioned products that include a funky candy tin in the shape of the Ryman (with Tootsie's orchid inside), wares for entertaining like the bartender's friend sets, and unique items like the Super Bowl Snack Wheel! For more information, visit or follow us on FB!

Check out the festive 5 O'Clock Sundial© in glossy red, the Super Bowl Snack Wheel, A Christmas Carol Breakfast Set, and the Carnivale Bartender's Friend Set!

RED 5O'Clock Sundial.jpg
SuperBowl SNack Wheel.jpg
A Christmas Carol.jpg

Mr. Scrooge (dollar sign), Marley's Ghost (chain), Tiny Tim (hopeful star), and Bob Cratchit (drab life).

Carnivale Bartender's Friend Set.jpg


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