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  • Dorothy V Craig

Summer Triangle Pottery Display for August!

Summer Triangle Pottery is being featured at The Clay Lady's Artists Galleries and Co-op for August! Come by and see our unique pieces in the center of the main gallery.

I planned the display for about two weeks and finally decided on a "late summer in the garden" theme. The theme seemed to go well with our August pieces. In order to create a summer garden, I made a simple table cover out of muslin and used fabric marker to add a title-theme of "Once upon a time in a late summer garden..."

I scoured local antiques shops and found an old strawberry box that was green and a few old garden tools including a handleless fork and long handled shovel. I added a funky old picnic basket and a few of my own items such as old garden gloves, rumpled seed containers, and a small herb garden of thyme and basil.

Products displayed include:

  • The Gone with the Wind Breakfast Set (4-three piece sets that represent Mz. Scarlett, Mz. Mellie, Mr. Rhett, and Ashley Wilkes)

  • Paul's Summer Triangle Plate depicting the actual constellation

  • A few bacinelles in soft, satiny finishes

  • A fanner in coral

  • A set of charcuterie plates

...and a few other items.


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