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  • Dorothy V Craig

Summer Triangle Pottery at The Tomato Arts Fest in East Nashville

Summer Triangle Pottery (Paul & Dorothy) were part of The Tomato Arts Festival in East Nashville this past weekend. Two of fifteen artist presenting with The Clay Lady's Co-op, we enjoyed the comeradie of the other Co-op members.

The day began with trudging blocks and blocks of city streets to get to the tent. After a brief set up, the festival began with the East Nashville version of a second line parade. Costumes were abundant as was dancing, singing, and overall festivitivies.

The day was long (beginning at 7:30 am and lasting until almost 7:00 pm), toasty and humid. Luckily we were able to take turns in the tent and take a few breaks.

Paul brought one piece--his famous Tomato Wheel. The two-piece wheel featured the months of the year and a corresponding "tomato task" for each month. This sold almost immediately. Pieces that were popular included:

  • Tomato Jam Crocks

  • Petite Grits Bowls

  • Batter Bowls

  • Sugar-Creamer


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