All custom order production will not begin until January 2022 and will take up to10 weeks


The Lockeland Table Community Hour Side plate is an 7.5" tapas or side plate made from speckled toasty stoneware.  Pressed with vintage linen and finished in two glaze options: a) deep gray galaxy or b: satin milk glaze with charcoal accent line. The surface has a subtle texture that highlights the soft linen weave pattern.  Made by hand.


Rim and underneath are glazed in satin clear to show the clay body.  The milk glaze is applied with a spray and leaves subtle hints of the white on the clear rim.  The LT Gray and Indigo Blue are hand applied and has subtle hints of deep midnight specks.


Please select your choice of color below:

  • LT Gray
  • Milk Ash
  • Indigo Blue


Each plate is slightly unique due to the handcrafting process.


The plate is microwave and dishwasher safe. 


Minimum order of 4


Local pickup orders only


About Lockeland Table...


Lockeland Table Community Kitchen and Bar is nestled into the historic neighborhood of its namesake in East Nashville. Woven into its very fabric are elements of the community, history and camaraderie that make up its charm. From the reconstructed storefront to resemble the original 1930s H.G Hills dry goods store, to the center wall built by friends and family, to the comforting dishes paying tribute to Chef Hal’s upbringing, it all represents a piece of Lockeland Table’s foundation.

Lockeland Table Side Plates

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