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Loni Polk & Mike Borkowski

May 4, 2018

... a match made in Knoxville!
The first time I met Loni and Mike they told me that they are a "pretty boring couple!"  I really didn't believe them for a two reasons. First anyone who wears a vintage Beatles t-shirt has to be a bit interesting.  Second, anyone who has a passion for the Big Green Egg can't possibly be boring! 
Loni, a tall beautiful Tennessean. grew up close to Nashville in Old Hickory.  Mike, a tall cutie himself, is from Evansville, Indiana.  So, what did these two have in common?  They both attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville!  Pursuing very different programs, their common interest was -- you guessed it -- UT FOOTBALL!
Loni met Mike at a football game.  Over three years they became best friends.  They completed their degrees, moved away from Knoxville, and their friendship developed into what became a long distance relationship. Eventually Mike moved back to Nashville and to this day they are still best friends who will be married at a destination wedding (the best kind) on May 4, 2018. 
Now East Nashvillians, the two frequently dine at Lockeland Table.  Their custom dinnerware is based on the Lockeland Table Community line which was designed collaboratively between Chef Hal Holden-Bache (owner and executive chef at Lockeland) and Summer Triangle Pottery.  After discussing Loni and Mike's love for entertaining, cooking, and grilling, they selected unique pieces based on their lifestyle.
The couple selected a three piece place setting handcrafted from speckled toasty stoneware.  Each piece is glazed in a milk ash satin glaze and rimmed with clear glaze to highlight the clay body.  To complement the white, they selected a deep indigo blue for side plates.  Additional pieces reflect their dining preferences and include large Ramen / Soup bowls done in indigo blue and a variety of serving ware in the same combinations.  The serving pieces will accommodate roasts, pasta, popcorn or salad, and of course smoked meats and sauces!
Loni and Mike's table ware is unique, one of a kind, and interesting...just like them!
Pieces may be ordered individually or as a complete place setting of three pieces.  Serving ware is also available to complete the registry.  The couple has requested that items ordered be held at the studio for local pick up by Loni and Mike.  No shipping charges will be applied to orders due to the local pickup. 
Please enter your billing and shipping information (these should be the same and should consist of your address).  Then, select "Local Pickup" for the Delivery/Shipping option at checkout.
Loni &  Mike's Custom Dinnerware

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