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A many know our home was hit by the March 3rd tornado.  We are still in the process of house repairs after many months but still have a good way to go.   (Thank you Roofer Rx, Pella, Mad Landscapes, The House Painters, and most of all -- Simmons Handyman Service).   


Luckily, other than a few broken windows and a bashed in door--our studio was not damaged. 

Most of the items listed were from the first glaze firing after the tornado.  Most of the items are finished in satin milk with accents of charcoal and gloss white symbolizing in a way the tornado debris and the aftermath of clean up.


LOCAL ORDERS ONLY: We are not shipping at this time because our UPS store was greatly damaged by the tornado. 

We will welcome local orders and purchases and hope to be able to ship non-local orders soon.