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about us...

The Summer Triangle  is a star formation that dominates the southern sky.   During the summer months, it travels overhead every night from dusk until dawn. It is not a constellation--but the brightest stars in three different constellations:  a)Vega in the constellation, Lyra, b) Deneb in the constellation, Cygnus, and c) Altair in the constellation, Aquila.  There is much symbolism in the Summer Triangle and that is why it emerged as the  name of our pottery studio.  The joining of the brightest stars in the different constellations is like joining our own varying talents and interests together.


We are a team with individual interests, backgrounds and experiences and bring uncommon and respective skills to our collective work.  We are educators, writers, scientists, designers, planners, and artists -- these are our bright stars.  Somehow, these stars organically combine in our pottery.  Also, the alignment of the Summer Triangle is important and symbolic.  The southern-most star of the triangle is Altair.  If you draw a line across the sky with your finger starting at Altair and passing equal distance between Deneb and Vega, you will always be pointing to True North.


Our studio is a "step in the right direction" for us for it keeps us aligned with our True North.  The Summer Triangle always tells you where you are and where you are going. 



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